How to Remove Smell from Water Tank

When you turn on your tap and notice a bad smell, it’s likely coming from your water tank. This guide will show you how to clean your tank and keep your water smelling fresh, which is important for keeping your water safe and clean.

Why Your Water Might Smell Bad

To fix the smell, you first need to know why your water tank smells:

  • Bacteria and Algae: These grow in dark and wet places. If they grow in your tank, they can make your water smell bad.
  • Decaying Leaves and Bugs: Sometimes, leaves, bugs, and other natural things get into your tank and start to rot, which makes the water smell.
  • Chemical Reactions: In some tanks, the water reacts with the tank’s materials. This reaction can make the water smell strange.

How to Clean Smelly Bore Water

Bore water can smell because of minerals like sulfur or decaying stuff. Here’s how to clean it:

  1. Aeration: This means letting air go through the water to remove bad gases. You can add a device to your tank that puts air into the water.
  2. Filters: You can use filters with activated carbon or other materials to clean out the dirt and get rid of the smell.

Steps to Clean Your Water Tank

  1. Clean Regularly: You should clean out any mud, dirt, or things inside your tank at least once a year. If your water gets dirty fast, you might need to clean it more often.
  2. Use Chlorine: Chlorine can kill germs and get rid of smells. You can use a little bit of bleach, wait for a while, and then make sure all the chlorine is gone before you use the water.
  3. Vinegar Wash: Mixing some vinegar with water and using it to wash your tank can also help remove smells.
  4. Check the Anodes: Some tanks have a special part called an anode that needs to be checked and changed if it gets old to keep the water from smelling.
  5. Seal the Tank: Make sure your tank is closed properly so that bugs and dirt can’t get in. Check for any holes or gaps and fix them.

Handling Smelly Tap Water

If your tap water still smells after cleaning the tank, try these:

  • Look at the Pipes: Sometimes the pipes can also make the water smell, especially if they are old.
  • Use Small Filters on Taps: You can attach filters directly to your taps to clean the water right before you use it.

Keeping Your Water Tank Smelling Good

To avoid future smells:

  • Regular Checks: Always keep an eye on your tank and clean parts when needed.
  • Water Treatment Systems: Think about installing a system that treats the water before it goes into the tank.

Book a Professional Cleaning with Tank Scrub

If you find it hard to clean the tank by yourself, you can book water tank cleaning services with Tank scrub. Our team will make sure your tank is clean and smells nice. We are trusted professionals who know how to handle water tanks properly.

Cleaning your water tank regularly and understanding what causes smells can help you keep your water fresh. This not only makes your home more comfortable but also keeps your water safe to use.

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