How to Clean Worms from Water Tank

Finding worms in your water tank can be scary and make you worry about your water being safe. It’s important to get rid of these worms quickly to keep your water clean. This guide will show you how to spot, remove, and stop worms from getting into your water tank.

What Causes Worms in Your Water Tank?

Worms can get into water tanks for many reasons like dirt getting in, not cleaning the tank properly, or worms coming with the water that fills the tank. You might see small red worms called bloodworms, which are actually baby flies. These and other small worms can end up in your drinking water if not handled.

Spotting Different Worms

  • Small Red Worms in Water: These are bloodworms. They are bright red and show that there is a lot of natural stuff, like leaves or mud, in your water.
  • Small and Tiny Worms: There are different kinds of these worms, and the kind depends on what your water tank is like.

Knowing what kind of worms you have helps you understand why they are there and how to get rid of them.

Steps to Remove Worms from Your Water Tank

Here’s how you can clean your water tank to get rid of worms:

  1. Empty the Tank: First, take all the water out of your tank. This will help you clear out any mud, dirt, and worms.
  2. Scrub the Tank: Next, scrub the inside of the tank well. Use a hard brush to scrub the sides and bottom to get rid of worms or eggs stuck there.
  3. Use a Cleaning Solution: Clean the tank with a solution that kills germs and worms. Be sure to use the right amount and cover all areas inside the tank.
  4. Rinse the Tank: After using the cleaning solution, rinse the tank many times with clean water to make sure no cleaning solution is left behind.
  5. Fill the Tank: Once the tank is clean and rinsed, you can fill it back up with clean water. Make sure the water you use is also clean and free from dirt.

How to Stop Worms from Coming Back

Clean Regularly

Check and clean your water tank often to avoid worms. It’s a good idea to clean it at least once a year or more if you see problems.

Use Filters

Put filters at the water entry point and change them often to stop dirt and worms from getting in.

Check for Cracks

Make sure there are no cracks or openings in your tank or pipes where bugs can get in.

Keep Water Moving

Don’t let water sit still in your tank for too long. Use it and refill it regularly to keep it fresh and less welcoming for worms.

Need Help? Book a Cleaning Service

If you find it hard to clean the tank yourself, you can call a professional cleaning service. Tankscrub offers expert services to make sure your tank is free from worms and safe. Trust the professionals to keep your water clean.


Dealing with worms in your water tank can be annoying, but you can manage it with the right steps. Regular cleaning, using the right solutions, and getting professional water tank cleaning services can keep your water safe. Don’t let worms in your water worry you. Act now and feel better knowing your water tank is clean.